About Me

I love to travel, trek and meet new people.
I am talkative. My special skills include having deep ,meaningful conversations with toddlers and dogs😎
I consider myself a story teller. I love listening to stories too.
I read a lot of sci fi and mystery..while listening to soulful meditation music (oddly).
I am a coffee addict and foodie.
I am an art enthusiast and a DIYer.
I am a software engineer( unfortunately, only to make a livelihood or to sponsor my travel)
I do community service for different causes – Conservation of nature, Education and Human Rights.
I am not anti-social media as I am not available on Facebook and would prefer time meeting people for real.

Things you will always find in my bag:

A Book(or my Kindle), Music Player, Mobile (for sake of camera & blogging), Crayons and Sunscreen. 😅
..and Chocolates..coz you can always share a little love with any stranger through chocolates 😄

My Philosophy:

The journey matters to me as much as the destination and I look forward to the stories that happen to me over my journey. I am all ears for the first hand stories from people I meet during my journey..😃 I don’t trust what is shown by Media😋

I try to be open minded and non judgmental about things as I believe everything is beautiful and everything has a purpose. This opinion gets stronger with every travel story.

Live and Let Live. Celebrate every place, every occasion and celebrate diversity. I believe in people and places without borders.


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