E-readers vs Paperback books

Happiness is having a good company.. and what better company than books? I am a shopoholic when it comes to shopping for books. I own a kindle too, but it does not give the same feeling as holding a hardcopy of the book, does it?

The smell of the paper, the small dog ears on pages, and sometimes finding a leaf or flower,or old photos in old used books..that is so comforting. Not the reading progress or time left; that makes me worry and read in haste.

I have often even fallen asleep reading books and used books as pillow. I couldn’t do that with a kindle. Have you ever been worried about carrying a book to the beach or a garden? Ever worried that the book will be ruined? I would love to go on a vacation or take time off to read on the sandy beaches or a lawn..returning home to find few grains of sand or few straws of grass inside the pages of the book.

Have you ever held a book in your hand, sitting in your balcony , watching the rain, munching some crunchy fried snacks and sipping coffee? Can you imagine this scene with an e-reader? Probably not. I romanticize the idea of a rainy day like this. I am carefree and careless to sometimes leave stains of oil or food of some pages and curse myself later. But that is also a way how the book becomes a part of my life. While i have left stains on the book, it would leave a mark in my memory, touch my heart or silently just bear with my inner screaming thoughts.

The 2 advantage I see with my kindle is that I can carry several books on one device when I am travelling. The other advantage is having a backlight lets you read in the dark of the night without disturbing others till you drop asleep. I am a person who would read the book on kindle and still purchase the hardcopy of the same book just so that I can decorate my living room with books. I want a library of my own. I want to be lost in this library when I am old and senile and want to be confused between fictional characters and real life characters. πŸ˜†

Thanks to some great deals on Amazon Prime day sale. I purchased a list of mixed genre books. I’m elated at the moment. Just a glimpse of my bookshelf.

Who else loves books?



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