10 misconceptions about Indian girls in India

woman in gray top covering her face
Photo by Sasha Neplokhov on Pexels.com

This topic is very rhetorical and sensitive. We have variety of culture and practices in India. But every culture treats women with respect. But yes,like every other place on earth, there are violence, rapes and discrimination cases reported in India too. But my post is not to debate about that. But just to highlight the misconceptions about Indian girls. No statistics, no analysis reports. Just plain myth buster. I should get right to the point.

1)Indian girls are not well educated.

No. Most Indian women receive atleast primary education in rural areas. But in suburbs and cities, you will see women taking up professional courses and being post graduates in subjects from arts to science. We are everywhere, in all industries. We are allowed to choose our careers. Women in India definitely maintain a sense of uppity when it comes to globally accepted trends, especially language and fashion trends. You will be pleasantly shocked how much influence English language has had over years,.you can visit rural places in India, talk in broken english and still be able to have a meaningful conversation.

2)Indian girls do not drive

I am crazy about driving. Most people who know me also mention I am crazy while driving too. I would sometimes like to pretend I am a Formula One driver. ๐Ÿ™‚ Women in India drive anything with wheels-two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheelers and more. Not just personal vehicles, women in India drive public transport vehicles such as scooters, bikes, auto rickshaws, cabs, buses, metros and trains. It is very common. We no more like being driven around. We love to make our own routes.

3)Indian girls always live with families.

No. While we girls are allowed to choose our career, we are also given a choice to study or work away from home. Women in India have the same options of accommodations as men, sometimes even better. We stay alone or in hostels, paying guests or in rented houses with other people. Getting houses for rent is easier for a group of women than for men. We are not afraid to stay alone ,far from home and family. We are very much independent.

4) Indian girls are always thinking about marriages.

The legal age to get married in India is 18 for a girl, but the average age of an Indian women getting married in latest times is 27 years. What do you think we women think for almost a decade? Marriage? really?

5)Indian girls love bollywood and dancing

No ,we don’t breakout in dance sequences randomly to bollywood songs. We ,as hell, have numerous dancing moments in movies..not more in real life please. Btw, Bollywood is just one movie industry. Every state of India has its own movie productions and are released in multi languages. Imagine being bombarded with so many options in 7 languages ,1 movie a month per language, atleast 5 songs in every movie, plus remixes from past movies..that is too much to handle.. So do not be surprised if we are flustered and tired of movie industry in India.

6) Indian girls are very religious.

It is very common to see multiple idols, photos of god and goddesses in Indian homes. It is also common to see believers and non-believers exist under one roof. My mom prays regularly to atleast 7 different gods. My dad is agnostic. He just believes in doing good and thank one supernatural power. I just believe in doing good and thank the other people who helped. I was encouraged to question the logic of any belief and religious practice at home and within family while growing up. I know many such people who are rationalists like me. We have often questioned why in the name of God, women are told to not do certain things. When we have thousands of female deities, why some places of worship do not allow women.. I have transformed from a believer of a form to a believer of one tangible nameless force. I have also evolved from being that agnostic person to an atheist. But our conscience are stronger and we practice things that make a positive difference. It is absolutely ok to not be religious in India. It is a different thing to be outspoken about it, same as other places on earth.

7) Indian girls are very traditional.

Tradition in India is a huge subject. Everything from festivities to art of dressing, we have traditions. We have traditions for every occasion. But all these traditions now have gone through a makeover. Fashion trends are so awespiring that we women want to look our best. Any culture, any ethnicity, any country. So we know how to fusion global trends of jeans, jumpsuits, skirts and boots with our Sarees, Selwars, Jhutis and Bangles. Not just that, we girls are very outgoing and outspoken. We talk, we date, we travel, we smoke, we drink, we party, we shop, we celebrate openly. Living life to fullest is the new tradition. and., not all of us wear a red dot(bindi) on our forehead ๐Ÿ˜›

8) Indian girls are groomed to be housewives

I mean no disrespect to women who are housewives. That really must be the hardest job in the whole world:to multitask for kids, spouse, parents, in-laws, relatives, neighbours, and also having to deal with your own sanity and accomplishments. To be trained to be housewives, that should be a compliment, in fact.

But when people tell me Indian women are so homely and such marriage material, what does that even mean? like we are taught to give up our matrimonial homes and look forward to being enslaved in another person’s home? We are groomed to know how to cook, how to clean, how to serve, how to care, how to seduce, how to make kids, how to decorate home, etc? No, That is not dependent on any country. That is just an attitude and expectation men might have. Women have been silenced for generations. But not anymore. Women choose to be financially independent before getting married. Women choose whom to marry. We choose when to marry, Women choose where and with whom to stay, how many kids they want, how their old age should be like..Women still love and care for all entities attached to any home. But to think that Indian girls are trained to be homemakers, that is not true.

9) Indian girls know to cook

Maggi(instant noodles)? does it qualify as cooking?

10) Indian girls do not talk to boys.

A liberal world is accessible to everyone. Whom girls prefer to talk to or be friends with is solely dependent on every girl. It is still influenced by the immediate family. But Co-education is encouraged in India. Learning or working in muti-cultural environments would only mean that Indian girls are not restricted or conservative anymore.We not only talk to men in our country, we can talk to men from different places. We initiate conversations and we approach. Suburbs and Cities have varying levels of freedom. Girls are open to talk. may be not the shy ones. But don’t become an obsessed creepy stalker. Be mindful of cultural boundaries and respect women, respect when they say “NO”. This applies to every place on earth. Respect women irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, race or color.


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