5 Best Beaches of Gokarna, India

Gokarna is truly a refreshing place even under the humid tropical climate. It is a traveller’s paradise with long shoreline, jagged cliffs, golden sand and turquoise blue waters. The beaches are exquisite and pristine. Most beaches are secluded, therefore, very peaceful. Being on the western shores, the beaches offer outstanding sunsets at Arabian Sea.

Splendid view of the shoreline at Gokarna

Here is my list of MUST-VISIT beaches in Gokarna. Surprisingly, if you are on a beach trek, you can cover all these beaches in a single day just to admire the beauty and calmess of the seas. But I would suggest you enjoy every beach in your own sweet time in your own good ways.


At Gokarna beach


1) Belekin beach

This is not really a beach per se, but a viewpoint accessible by road close to the town. This is often the starting point of any beach trek, which is a small port for local fishermen’s boats. You will notice that even amidst so much activity, the water is calm. A small trail walk leads you up the cliff which runs parallel to the shoreline

Belekin beach


2) Paradise Beach:


Paradise Beach


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Gokarna. Being one of the secluded beaches in Gokarna, the beach is very clean and less crowded. The true beauty of the beach can be observed if you could just hike up the small cliff beside the beach. You will be able to see the contrast of the golden sands, grey rocks, green coconut trees and blue waters. 

Paradise beach


It is a small beach, not suitable for big groups and fun activities as it is a little rocky at the shore. Ideal for private small groups or couples who want skinny dip in cold water.


3) Half Moon beach:  

The name of the beach is derived from it’s shape. The beach arches a little at this point and creates a pristine cove. At this point, you can climb up the cliff and enjoy the broad view of the other 2 beaches adjoining the shoreline. You can see the Om beach and paradise beach from this beautiful place. But this is not a place of any water activities. The beach is too rocky and hot to hangout during the day.


Half Moon Beach


4) Om beach: Named after the shape of OM- ॐ

You might see some sail boats which add to the beauty of the serene waters. The beach is less crowded and accessible by a small road. OM Beach, Gokarna
It does not have any water activities, but is an amazing place to chill and play with the waves.

Om Beach


4) Kudle beach

This is the most crowded beach in Gokarna for 2 reasons. One, it is connected by road. Two, it has water sports. The waves are just right for every water sport-swim, surf, sail or even just a good amount of splashing for non-swimmers. The sea is not very rough here. You will find numerous cafe’s and shacks which offer wide range of services spanning from food and clothes to spa and alcohol. 

Kudle Beach


This is definitely not a place for someone looking for silent shores. You could hear loud music from the shacks. If you are a party animal, try out the Nirvana cafe, especially in the night. 

5) Gokarna Main beach

This is a crowded beach for various reasons, and yet, it is not as crowded as Kudle beach. Being situated close to the local settlement, this beach has temples and local fish markets. As such, this beach does not have any water activities other than fishing and hence one of the best places to visit if you want a quick break from the town. 


Kids Fishing on Gokarna beach
Camping at Gokarna main beach

The water is clear and calm. This has the longest shoreline among the other beaches. The ideal spot of a long walk! There are a lot of homestays on the beach and you can enjoy a good evening breeze, a romantic night under the sky or even a long yoga session in the early morning without being disturbed by the nuisance of tourists. If you are lucky, you might spot dolphins very close to the shore. 

Finally, the sunsets are blissful and marvellous. 


Sunset at Gokarna beach




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